Sum Faht Exercises

The Eighteen Tai Chi Chi Kung Moves were extracted from traditional Tai Chi Chi Kung exercises and reformulated into these simplified movements by Master Lim in China. They are an internal breathing exercise and work with specific meridians of the body to improve circulation and the flow of chi, cardiovascular strength, and the general health of the body ís internal systems. For maximum benefit, it is important to maintain proper body alignment, focus on the breath, and keep a slow and even pace. 

If you have had a chance to learn the 18 Tai Chi Moves at a retreat, you may find the information at the link below helpful in your practice. The entire 18 moves can be printed out for a reference copy.

Sum Faht Exercises Full Video

The video below includes a warm up, 18 Tai Chi Chi Kung Moves and the 12 brocades exercises. 

Mudra Meditation Full Video

The video below includes the full mudra meditation exercise with 1 minute timing reminder bell between mudras.

Special thanks to Chuck Pfaff for editing.

Sitting Brocades

The video below includes the sitting 12 brocades demonstrated by Leong.