About The Path

Life is a process of learning, changing and growing. We have something very precious inside — an inner self which knows why we are here and where we want to go. Through meditation, we awaken this Self, connect with it and allow it to guide us to a greater understanding of who we are. If you are ready to look at yourself and you want to live more fully and with greater awareness, then you may be interested in meeting Leong Tan and the Teacher.

The Teacher’s name is Wong Loh Sin See. He is pure spirit who communicates with us through a process called channeling. The Teacher is channeled by his student Leong Tan, who is from the Chinese community in Malaysia. Leong has spent a great part of his life studying the spiritual and martial arts as practiced in Asia. He was initiated by the Teacher in Kuala Lumpur at Rumah Berhala, Wong Loh Sin See Chee Chung Temple in 1973. He began channeling the Teacher shortly thereafter.

When Leong is not channeling the Teacher, he spends time in the workshops answering questions and working closely with people. Leong has remarkable insight and intuition developed from his many years of practicing martial arts, pursuing various spiritual paths and channeling the Teacher. His kindness, humility and ability to heal other people come from a very profound level of being.

What you will see in class is Leong requesting the Teacher’s presence, entering a very deep state of meditation, and losing all conscious awareness of himself. The Teacher then enters his body and uses it to guide us.

Sum Faht Introduction and Teachings Full Video

Note: If you are interested in becoming an initiated student of Wong Loh Sin See, first express your desire to the Teacher through a note. Then contact a friend who is initiated and ask him/her to be your sponsor and instruct you in what is involved. A packet of instructions and a tape of prayer pronunciations along with amulet papers, brushes, and stamps are available here.