Method of Instruction

The Teacher’s method of instruction* is not always direct. In fact, more often than not, the Teacher acts as a mirror, guiding us to see hidden parts of ourselves more clearly. This can be a confusing process, but here again, the emphasis is on Self. The Teacher does not want us to cultivate or practice in order to earn his favor or appease him in any way. Nor does he want us to rely on his advice rather than facing our confusion, learning to listen to our own hearts and making our own decisions.

He teaches us that what we perceive with our eyes and our minds can be very superficial. What we see from our hearts is real. We learn to trust our inner voices, our feelings. We learn to calm ourselves so that when we help other people, we can really listen to them and sense their feelings and needs. The Teacher stresses the importance and difficulty of being a good human being and reminds us that the physical world is our training ground. Every facet of daily living is an integral part of our spiritual path.

The integration of our outward daily lives and our inner spiritual lives is a cornerstone of the work the Teacher does with us. He teaches us about the Tao, which is the goodness and kindness of the heart. In class, the Teacher addresses very specific aspects of our daily lives that may need attention. He helps us and guides us in practical ways to become better people.  

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