Open meadow at Buckhorn Springs Retreat Center.

Ongoing Meditation Groups and Other Activities

To support a sense of community and strengthen continuity of practice, ongoing meditation groups meet regularly in many cities. You can get more information by emailing or calling the city contact listed below.

If you are starting a peer-led ongoing meditation group in your area and would like to be listed here, please Contact Us with the information you would like listed. 

Atlanta, Georgia

Austin, Texas

  • Contact: Sara Atikune, 407-491-4493, email
  • Ongoing meditation group: On the 2nd Tuesday night and last Sunday morning of the month (Meetup Group).

Boulder, Colorado

  • Contact: Theresa Bradley, 303-258-3012 (home), 720-289-0545 (work cell), email

Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Contact: Erica Frederiksen, +45 21 34 54 34, email
  • Ongoing meditation group: every other Sunday on Valby Sidegade1, 2630 Taastrup from 10-12; contact Erica for more info.

Knoxville/Oak Ridge, Tennessee

  • Contact: Tom Pritchard, 865-882-2383, email
  • Ongoing meditation group: twice a month, usually on Thursdays, 7p; contactTom for location and dates.

Los Angeles, California

Memphis, Tennessee

  • Contacts: Sandy Kessler, 901-753-4803, email, or Sandy Howard, 901-246-9208, email
  • Ongoing meditation group: Sundays, 10:30a-12n at the Massage Institute of Memphis, 2076 Union Ave, Suite 202 (NW corner of Union and Florence, one block west of Cooper).

Nashville, Tennessee

Orlando, Florida

  • Contact: Doug Kilgore, 407-595-2904, email
  • Ongoing meditation group: Monday Nights, 7pm-8:30pm, Maitland area; contact Doug for more info.

Portland, Oregon

Vashon Island, Washington