Guided Movements

Guided Movements® are just as important as seated meditation in our practice. Guided Movements® are essentially meditating while following the energy that guides your body to move in whatever way would be most physically, emotionally, and spiritually beneficial.

In most every workshop over the last several years, Leong has stressed the importance of practicing Guided Movements®. Why? Guided Movements® encourage the integration of our spiritual cultivation into our physical bodies. Energy flows more easily and freely through our bodies with this practice, and the benefits of our cultivation become more completely integrated into body, mind, and spirit. The spiritual gifts and insights we can attain through Sum Faht® meditation are most comfortably sustained if our bodies are strong enough to handle the flow of energy that results from this practice.

We start Guided Movements® by standing and bowing to each of the four corners of the universe, then internally requesting guided movements. We remain standing and wait for our energies to shift and move our limbs and our bodies. As we sense the movement, we follow it slowly, never rushing ahead of it or anticipating it with our minds. Again, letting go in this way — following not leading — allows us to confront the Self and thereby bring in more healing, integration, and refinement.

“Free yourself with your heart, not your mind.”  — The Teacher

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