California Redwoods


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From Leong

2017-18. Leong wishes to express his deep gratitude to everyone who has so generously supported him through the giving of red envelopes. The love of the community has touched him deeply.

From the Villagers of Lumpai

February 2011. The Buddha is now in place at the new temple in Lumpai and had been dedicated to Leong Tan and all who contributed (you!) to its procurement. Many, many thanks again from Leong, Pit and all of the villagers of Lumpai!

View photos of the temple and the Buddha.

Sin See Center Donations

December 2010. With the end of Chee Hau and the loss of the property at Tanyard Hollow, it is still Leong’s sincere wish to build a Retreat Center with a temple dedicated to Wong Loh Sin See. He cannot do this without you and would gratefully receive your donations, no matter how large or small. He has created Sin See Center, LLC and opened a bank account at Bank of America with this in mind.

Please Contact Us if you would like information to make automatic wire transfers into the Sin See Center, LLC account. While your donation would not be tax‑deductible, Leong intends to keep everything completely transparent, with regular updates of the progress being made. He has given this idea a timeframe of 5 years to succeed or fail.

Thank you from Lumpai

December 2010. Leong, Pit, and all of the villagers of Lumpai, Thailand express their deepest gratitude to everyone who donated funds for the Lumpai temple Buddha statue. The total funds collected from all of you was $6,009!