Meg McLaughlin, as an initiated student of Leong and an initiated student of the Teacher, Wong Loh Sin See, shares her unique experiences with us through meditation classes, weekend workshops, retreats, and private sessions.

Open Workshops. In the three-part intensive open workshops, attendees work on deepening their meditation and connecting with the inner self through the divine energies of the heart. Explore the practical usage of subtle energies in healing the self and others, sensing, and awakening intuition. Meg also interacts with attendees in a trance-channel state, channeling the essence of Kwan Yin.   Cost: $325

Introductory Evening. Introduce your friends and family to Meg and Kwan Yin in this 2-hour session.   Cost: $30

Small Groups. Ask Kwan Yin questions of a personal nature. Open to anyone who has attended at least one weekend workshop. A small group is normally 7 to 12 people and lasts about 1.5 hours.   Cost: $70

Wednesday Evenings with Meg and Kwan Yin. Sum Faht meditation, energy work, Q&A with Meg the first half, Kwan Yin the second half. Available in Los Angeles only.   Cost: $35

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