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Leong has designated advanced and open workshops to teach us and aid us in our cultivation in an optimal way. These designations are not about comparing abilities but are based on how much experience each of us has had in workshops or retreats with Leong and the Teacher. Please choose a workshop or retreat based on your time with the Teacher and register with the contact person for your city at least 2 weeks prior to the workshop. A deposit of $155 is required to secure your space in open or advanced workshops.

See the workshop and retreat schedule for more information.

Open Workshops. Open to everyone, newcomers and long-time students alike. Open workshops provide the opportunity for us all to learn with each other.   Cost: $325

Advanced Workshops. Open to long-time students of the Teacher -- those who have studied steadily 2 years or more, attended four workshops, or attended at least one week-long retreat. Advanced workshops are designed to build on and strengthen the experience students have gained from working with the Teacher over the years.   Cost: $325

Advanced 15+ Evening. Open only to dedicated students of the Teacher with at least 15 years experience working regularly with Leong and the Teacher. Leong will work with students the first half of the evening and will channel The Teacher the second half.   Cost: $70

Small Groups. A time to ask the Teacher any questions of a personal nature. Open to anyone who has attended at least one weekend workshop. A small group is normally 7 to 12 people and lasts about 1.5 hours.   Cost: $70

Introductory Evenings. Occasionally scheduled in a city around the time of a workshop. Introduce your friends and family to the Teacher in this 2-hour session.   Cost: $30

Wong Loh Sin See