Embracing The Darkness To Find The Light: Week-Long Aurora Borealis Retreat, Fairbanks, Alaska January 27 - February 3, 2019 . . . $3000

In the iChing the trigram K’un speaks of Winter, North, and Supreme Yin, lending itself to the receptive darkness of hibernation and gestation, making ready for renewal in Spring. Winter’s short days and long nights are the time for deep immersion into meditative practice, grounding in Earth and gathering oneself to one’s own Center — our surrender to the dark mystery leading us naturally to the light within us. We will retreat into the darkness of the Alaska’s wintery natural landscape, for the deepest inner work and healing, regenerating for the Chinese New Year Special Seasonal Day — the Lunar beginning of Spring.

Chena Hot Springs Resort (www.chenahotsprings.com) began when weary gold miners found the ‘oh so warm’ mineral waters helped their aching bodies, as it is uniquely situated on a geothermal, granite strained mineral water system. The indoor mineral pool and hot tubs are chlorinated, while the outdoor Rock Lake is completely natural. The resort is also a prime location for viewing the Aurora Borealis. Interspersed with day and evening meditation and energy healing sessions with Meg and Kwan Yin, we’ll partake in dog sled and snow machine excursions. Participants will have time to enjoy the healing mineral waters, massages, and winter activities such as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and ice skating, at their leisure.

Please contact Doug as soon as possible at doug@sinseecenter.com to attend this retreat. Use the top half of this Registration form to apply.

Advanced Week-Long Retreat, Elohee, Sautee Nacoochee, GA, April 7-14, 2019
For Students with 10+ Years Continuous Study With The Teacher
Led by Leong Tan and the Teacher, and Meg McLaughlin and Kwan Yin
Workshop Fee $1400; Room and Board $580 - $1640

With great pleasure we return to beautiful Elohee Retreat Center (www.elohee.org) in the North Georgia Mountains for a special retreat co-led by Leong Tan and the Teacher, and Meg McLaughlin and Kwan Yin. This retreat is for attendees with at least 10 years experience of continued study with the Teacher. It is an exceptional opportunity to deepen your practice of Sum Faht Meditation and healing, and your connection to nature and the divine.

Elohee translates to mean “sacred Earth place” and was developed to embrace the natural and divine energies of the land. We will have exclusive use of this enchanting property which includes 2 miles of trails through diverse ecosystems, a waterfall, and an ancient ‘Grand Hemlock.’

The Advanced Week-Long Retreat begins with dinner at 6:00pm on Sunday, April 7, and ends at 10:00am on Sunday, April 14. Arrival time is between 3:00 and 5:00pm. Your attendance will be approved through an application process. If you have 10 years dedicated experience working with Leong and the Teacher, please contact Doug Kilgore before February 7, 2019, at doug@sinseecenter.com to apply.

Room and Board Rates:
Rates include lodging, meals, grounds use fee, 15% hospitality tax, Georgia’s $5/room/night Hotel-Motel Fee. Rooms are available on a first-come, first served basis.

Large Room/Private Bath (Single Occupancy) $1,640 (7 available)
Large Room/Private Bath (Double Occupancy/per person) $1,040 (7 available)
Small Room (1 Twin Bed) Shared Bath $1,120 (28 available)
Tent Camping, Shared Bath $580

The Stories We Tell - Mining and Healing The Strata of Sexual Trauma In The Dirt of Our Bones - Week-long Retreat, Kauai, Hawaii, May 24-31, 2019. . . $3000

When the giant meteor struck the earth, it left its indelible and terrible scar on the earth’s surface. It’s devastation destroyed an entire era of animal and plant life. The original destruction was never undone, only muted and covered by other geological events, cataclysms, and new life, until it’s story was barely recognizable. But in sifting through the earth’s layers, we can see that the impact remains. And we can see how it informs every aspect of life on earth as we know it today.

Earth-shattering. That’s what sexual trauma can be. It’s effect can also be arcane and confusing, stored deeply underground, only to surface as a continuing derailment of our personal power. And many of our efforts to cope and heal can compound the problem, by shifting the story with avoidance, shame, anger, and self-blame. In this retreat, we will create a healing circle of confidentiality and support, contained by the island’s powerful naturally energetic landscape. We will share (if so moved — you can choose not to share) and witness each of our stories, applying the immediacy of energy healing, breath and meditation, as well as sun, sea and sky.

Please use the bottom half of this registration form to apply.

If you have any questions on this retreat, please contact Meg directly at: Meg@sinseecenter.com

For all other retreats, please direct questions to Doug. The stated fee for retreats is based on multiple occupancy. We always attempt to honor roommate requests. Private rooms are usually not available for these retreats.

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