Finding the Light in the Darkness: A Mid-Winter Aurora Borealis Retreat, Iceland, January 11-16, 2018 . . . $2500

In the iChing the trigram K’un speaks of Winter, North, and Supreme Yin, lending itself to the receptive darkness of hibernation and gestation, making ready for renewal in Spring. Winter’s short days and long nights are the time for deep immersion into meditative practice, grounding in Earth and gathering oneself to one’s own Center — our surrender to the dark mystery leading us naturally to the light within us. Iceland’s short days (5.5 hours), long nights, and energetically charged landscape of frosted plateaus and steaming geysers are the perfect backdrop for this immersion. And our hopeful payoff for our deep work — viewing the Aurora Borealis from a lagoon heated by geothermal steam.

We land in Reykyavik on the 11th, and recover from our flight floating in the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal mineral pool. After lunch, we’ll travel to Hotel Frost and Fire, which sits by an Earth-heated river across from a geyser field. We’ll spend 4 nights, enjoying several sessions of meditation per day, interspersed with time to explore the natural landscape. We’ll have a full day tour of Iceland’s best sights. We’ll finish our trip with one night in Reykyavik to explore Iceland’s capital.

Please contact Meg as soon as possible at to attend this retreat. Use the top half of this Registration form to apply.

The Best of California, An Easy Hiking Journey through Redwood, Coast and Deep Mountain Forest, Northern California, October 20-27, 2018. . . $2200

We will experience the energy of Nature as expressed through California’s redwood forest, Klamath River and ocean, and Mount Shasta, taking moderately easy hiking trails including the Coastal Trail near Klamath, the Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park, trail the Pacific Crest Trail in Shasta-Trinity, and a trek to a waterfall in Mount Shasta. We’ll have early morning meditation sessions with Meg and evening sessions with Kwan Yin, as well as deep nature energy work and meditation on our hikes.

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Direct questions about retreats to Meg. The stated fee for retreats is based on multiple occupancy. We always attempt to honor roommate requests. Private rooms are usually not available for these retreats.

Mount Shasta from the Pacific Crest Trail, Shasta-Trinity National Forest, CA

Wong Loh Sin See