Special Chinese New Year Long Weekend Retreat, Sautee, GA Jan 26-29, 2017 $825 . . . $825

The YEAR OF THE RED FIRE ROOSTER begins January 28, 2017. Karmaweather.com says this: “[The rooster] being the sign of dawn and awakening, triumph and success during the year can only be achieved at the price of hard work and patience.” This retreat is preparation for the best year to come —- learning to balance this yang fiery year with fire’s yin aspect of inner warmth and insight. We will work deeply in loving and healing confrontation of self through vegetarian diet, intensive meditation and energy work. We will make the most of cultivation and ceremony on the Chinese New Year Seasonal Day with the Taoist practice of utilizing the energies of nature to shed the negative energies of the previous year and stoking the divine heart.

Please contact Meg as soon as possible at 323-243-4925 or Meg@sinseecenter.com to attend this retreat. Registration form.

Open Energy Balancing Retreat, Florida, with Meg, April 27-30, 2017, $825.

A retreat with focus on building the connection to the tantien, for strengthening our capacity to work with a deeper energetic manifestation in cultivation.

Please use the registration form to apply.

European Open Week-Long Retreat with Meg and Kwan Yin, in Spain and France, May 26-June 2, 2017, $3000. Optional 3-day extension, $1000

Seven days of Sum Faht meditation in the Spanish/French Pyrenees, with some excursions into the natural landscape of the surrounding region. Optional 3-Day Extension in the French countryside.

Please use the registration form to apply.

Direct questions about retreats to Meg, 323-243-4925. The stated fee for retreats is based on multiple occupancy. We always attempt to honor roommate requests. Private rooms are usually not available for these retreats.

Island Week-Long Thanksgiving Retreat in Kauai, HI, November 17-24, 2017, $2800.

This retreat offers the energetically lush landscape of the garden island of Kauai as we work indoors and out with the divinities of nature and the heart in Sum Faht Meditation and the compassionate guidance of Kwan Yin. We’ll spend time in a magical retreat center in the jungle of the northern part of the island where the energies are especially concentrated and time on the west coast on our nearly private beach.

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Wong Loh Sin See