The Observance Day Calendar for 2019 shows days of observance for initiated students, when purification is sought through the practice of meditation, vegetarianism, celibacy, and pure thought, speech, and action. Energies on these days, observed on the 1st and 15th of the Chinese calendar — the new moon and full moon — enhance our spiritual cultivation. These days, especially the ones flagged as seasonal days, are great times for gathering with other meditators, even if you are not an initiated student. Wong Loh Sin See

Note: Teacher Inception Day 2019: July 8, 2019

2019 Observance Days
Month 1st 15th Event
1st Feb 5* Feb 19 *Seasonal; Chinese New Year
2nd Mar 7 Mar 21  
3rd Apr 5 Apr 19  
4th May 5* May 19 *Seasonal
5th Jun 3 Jun 17  
6th Jul 3 Jul 17  
7th Aug 1* Aug 15 *Seasonal
8th Aug 30 Sep 13  
9th Sep 29 Oct 13  
10th Oct 28* Nov 11 *Seasonal
11th Nov 26 Dec 10  
12th Dec 26 Jan 9, 2020  
1st Jan 25, 2020*   *Seasonal; Chinese New Year