Los Angeles workshops, 2018/19

Contact: Jeff Flood/Pam Kaur, 424-301-1825
Email: sumfahtla@gmail.com
Cost: Leong's workshops are $325; Meg's are $325. Deposits ($155 per person) are due to Jeff/Pam at least 2 weeks prior to the workshop.
Send deposits to: 1801 Ocean Park Blvd., #207; Santa Monica, CA 90405
Workshop times (unless otherwise noted below):
Fri 7:30-9:30p, Sat 10a-12N & 1:30-4:30p, Sun 10a‑1p
Location: The Yoga Court, 10956 Weyburn Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90024   Wong Loh Sin See

2018 Date (days) Type Leader
Dec 6 (Thur) Intro evening (7:30p) Meg
Dec 7-9 (Fri-Sun) Open
Dec 9 (Sun) Small group
2019 Date (days) Type Leader
Feb 22-24 (Fri-Sun) Advanced Leong
Feb 28 Intro
Mar 1-3 (Fri-Sun) Open
Jun 6 (Thur) Intro evening (7:30p) Meg
Jun 7-9 (Fri-Sun) Open
Jun 9 (Sun) Small group
Sep 5 (Thur) Intro evening (7:30p)
Sep 6-8 (Fri-Sun) Open
Sep 8 (Sun) Small group
Dec 5 (Thur) Intro evening (7:30p)
Dec 6-8 (Fri-Sun) Open
Dec 8 (Sun) Small group