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To order supplies, follow these simple steps:

  • Send an email request stating you name, address and what you want to sandyhoward14@hotmail.com. You will be sent instruction on how to pay for your supplies.
Amulet stamps (with ink pad) $50
Amulet paper strips (1-year supply, 24 each of green and yellow strips) $10
Pair of Chinese brushes $9
Philosophy booklet $5
CD of prayer pronunciation $5
Principle Board $50
Travel Principle Board, unframed, Chinese $15
Travel Principle Board, unframed, English translation $15
Travel Principle Board, set $30
ShippingNo charge

Special package: All of the above except the principle boards with a 2-year supply of paper for $64. If you are ordering as a new initiate, please indicate that.

Profits from the sale of supplies will go to the Sin See Center.

Note: You do not need to be a student of the Teacher to purchase a principle board and display it on your personal altar. Wong Loh Sin See

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