The Challenges Explained (continued)

Harmony with Nature
The final challenge is to always harmonize and flow with what is natural: Both the natural flow of the Universe and the flow of our own Inner natures. In meditation we learn to 'go with the flow' and blend with different energies. In day-to-day life we try to live in harmony with nature, not upsetting the natural balance of our world. We accept and follow our natural inclinations of hunger and the need for sex and rest. When we are angry, we express the anger rather than feeling guilty about it and repressing it. When we are sad, we allow the emotion to flow through us. The harmony we are talking about is, on the both the mundane and the spiritual level, the 'natural' outcome of facing the Challenges and following the Principles.

If the only thing that we do in terms of cultivating ourselves spiritually is attempt to sincerely follow the Ten Principles, consistently try to master the Seven Challenges, and integrate these values into our everyday lives, we can reach a very high level of spiritual attainment. Although meditation is extremely important, the Principles and Challenges are even more so. True spiritual development is measured by the goodness of our hearts, not in our accomplishments in the mundane world or in our ability to meditate well. This still, however, does not minimize the immense value of meditation.

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