The Challenges Explained (continued)

Acceptance of Fate
Some things can't be changed. We can't control reality. But we can control the way we deal with whatever happens. We can feel defeated by a particular event and scream at the heavens, or we can choose to view the event as a challenge, a test of our ability to maintain faith no matter what the circumstance, an exercise in maintaining patience, courage and compassion even under duress. This is not to say that we should be totally passive in our lives and consider everything as immutably fated. But we should recognize that some things are beyond our control and must simply be accepted as gracefully as possible.

Surrender involves faith, humility, and acceptance of fate. We must understand that our knowledge of how we fit into the great scheme of things is extremely limited. We do not know why we are confronted with certain situations, why we end up having to do a certain kind of work, or how what we say or do to other people might affect their lives. We cannot see into the future or know what we are being prepared for. We must simply live on faith that our struggles have some meaning, that our efforts are not in vain. We must surrender have faith in the forces that impel our lives.

We must also surrender in meditation. In particular, we must surrender the ego. We need to bypass the intellect and the ego so that higher spiritual forces can communicate with our Inner Selves. We must have faith in the power and benevolence of those forces so that we can truly let go and surrender ourselves to their care.

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