As many of you are aware by now, Chee Hau is dissolving and the property at Tanyard Hollow is being let go. The decision came after much careful and heartfelt consideration.

To honor and continue the efforts of all the community members who supported Chee Hau and Tanyard Hollow, and to keep a continuity of cultivation there, Leong had attempted to take over the property. His intention was to purchase a portion of the land himself and rename it Sin See Center in honor of the Teacher. He had hoped to continue the mission of Chee Hau — to create a permanent home for the teachings of the Teacher, Wong Loh Sin See — and build a temple there. It was not possible to do this.

Leong is looking for property in the United States to purchase himself on which to build the Sin See Center. Like Tanyard Hollow, it will be a place for retreats, community cultivation, and to honor the Teacher. It will not be a nonprofit venture, but Leong would gratefully accept any and all support in this endeavor.  Wong Loh Sin See